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Living high on the hog

Okay, so it is kind of a ridiculous title... It's something my mom says quite a bit when we've been spending too much or living a little too extravagantly. Which has been my life, as of late.

I've been manic.

I hate when I'm manic. I'm completely aware that I am manic, however so is my husband. I suppose after 10 years together he's gotten really good at spotting the signs and symptoms of my mania.

For example, I've been very chatty lately and very busy. All fine and dandy, but I have overbooked myself and worn myself thin. That's why I got sick last week with viral bronchitis... that and Matt had it and got me sick.

Another example of my mania would be my money spending. I have been shopping like I have a money tree in full bloom in the backyard. It's kind of crazy, actually. For a long time, I haven't shopped and I've been really level, however I am starting to spend again and I need to reign it in.

And the last example I have, which for m…

Why I chose to hack off my hair and color it blonde

I have been bothered by something lately and I wasn't able to put my finger on it until today on my way to the salon.

Last night, I decided I wanted to go from my blunt, chin-length, deep red hair style, to an edgy, blonde, pixie cut.

I have always wanted to attempt a pixie, but I never felt it would suit my face or that I was brave enough to feel pretty without long hair.

I have also been messing with my hair A LOT lately. I couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted to do with it and nothing was "quite right" for what I didn't know I was looking for.

I pinned some ideas on Pinterest last night. I was ready. This was going to happen in about a week at the earliest. I called the salon this morning... They could get me in a noon today.

HOLY CRAP! This was happening! Not only was it happening, but the time was 10:30AM, so it was happening in 90 minutes! No going back now!

While on my way to the salon, I toyed with ideas of how it would turn out and all of the dre…