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What it means to be his wife

So, Matt and I got into a discussion last night. Basically, we have come to the conclusion that we are like good friends in a comfortable roommate situation.

This conclusion didn't sit well with either of us. So, we have made a plan of action and are going to start abiding by it to make this work the way we want it to.

Now, I am left here, on my computer, watching the episode of The Office where Jim proposes to Pam in the rain at the gas station. It is right before he leaves to meet her, and I've paused the episode to write this post.

The day Matt proposed to me, was, what I thought at the time, the happiest day of my life.

I was wrong, however. It was the day I became his wife.

Don't judge me for this, but I don't remember much of the important stuff that day.

Okay, I remember the flowers, seeing him, the kiss, the laughing, the dancing, the food, the love, the happily ever after... But I do not remember much of the ceremony, which I have always thought to be the most…