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I have not quit.

It happened again.

Sitting on the couch, putzing around on my phone.

Waking up on the floor to my dog licking me with a bump on my head.

I either fainted, or I had a seizure. And given my past, I think it is safe to say that I most likely had a seizure.

Time to stop what I am doing, take a step back, and reevaluate this situation.

Why did I have a seizure?
- I am stressed out like a mother trucker.

Why am I stressed out?
- Getting yelled at by people at work all day, working long hours, not forcing myself to take my lunch breaks, feeling like I have had little to no training and yet I am expected to know how to do quite a bit.

Okay, so work is stressing me out. Now, what should I do?
- Well, I shouldn't call in. I should really still go into work.

But I want to run. I want to run far and I want to run fast.

I can admit it this time.

I don't like this job. I am not comfortable in this job.

But I need to pay bills. I need to contribute. I cannot simply quit.


I've called …