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Depression, as of late.

Yes, that's right. I am in the darkness attempting to claw my way back out right now. Depression has reared its ugly head and taken ahold of me yet again.

I have been ignoring my therapist's schedule-planning, I haven't been meditating, I have missed several weeks of yoga, I've been eating so much junk and I haven't been working out the way I should be.

What do all of these things have in common, you may ask? Self-care. I'll say it one more time, SELF-CARE.

I spend so much of my time doing for others and being there for others, I've forgotten to look out for me.

I talk about self-care quite a bit, and it seems kind of funny that I would forget to take care of myself when I preach about it so much, however, self-care is such an important part of everyday life for everyone, and when we forget to do it, the way us people-pleasers tend to do, we lose sight of ourselves. Suddenly, my wants and needs are placed on the back burner and I am not succeeding at anythi…

A PSA on healthcare and prescription drugs.

"Hi! I would like to pick up my prescriptions today."
"Great! What is your name?"
"Jillian Anderson."
"One moment, please."
"Okay, that will be $60 for the anti-anxiety and... oh... $1,119 for the anti-depressant."
"WHAT?! But... I have insurance?"
"Well, ma'am, you also have a $2000 deductible on your insurance."
"I cannot afford that! How much is a one month supply?"
"Oh! Good news! The three month supply is a better deal. One month is approximately $600!"
"That is good news?!"
"Yes! You will be getting a better deal buying three months at a time!"
That was at the beginning of January. It is now nearly the middle of February and I still do not have my prescriptions. And if you have been around me when I do not have my medications, you know how freaking scary and important this is! 
My health insurance company is not working …


To my husband -

I love you.