Vulnerability and Grace

To be vulnerable is a gift.
To share your vulnerability with another is even more so.
To share your open vulnerability of love is the greatest gift of all.

I feel bad for how things went down, but I will never regret sharing a gift such as my heart.

Love is meant to be in this wicked world. If it wasn't how would we survive?

Sometimes the thought of losing someone or not being with them can make you turn to wicked, venomous words and actions. It is difficult to remember in that moment that jealousy is powerful.
But love is the ultimate reason why.

The next step from here is moving on.
Whether they want you or not, life must continue and you must be gracious.

Ouch... Being gracious towards rejection. That sounds so brutal.

In reality being bitter is easier to come by than graciousness. However, the bitterness will only drive those you love away and you will wind up hurting yourself in the process.
Being gracious and becoming grace is a gift. A gift only vulnerability can and will provide.

Hold your own. Know your name. Go your own way.


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